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Your Local Mineral Management Company


Morris Mountaineer Oil and Gas LLC is a local mineral management company located in Bridgeport, West Virginia. We are a seasoned team of accountants, engineers, lawyers, and oil and gas experts. Our experts have over 100 years of combined experience. The Morris Mountaineer team combines its industry expertise and professional network to create the best possible service for each client.

Many assets under Morris Mountaineer’s management were traditionally managed by banks. Years of bank consolidation have reduced the dedicated focus on oil and gas and other mineral management services. Morris Mountaineer was created to fill this void and provide a necessary service to its members and other mineral owners. 


Morris Mountaineer proactively manages each client’s property. Our team meticulously reviews and researches each property to identify and verify your ownership interest. We monitor everything from royalty payments to production reports. Our proprietary software system ensures your royalty payment information is correct. We provide clear and concise answers to complicated questions. 


Morris Mountaineer helps its clients negotiate leases and other contracts. Signing an unfavorable oil and gas lease can negatively impact you and your family for generations. Morris Mountaineer currently manages over 50,000 net acres in the Appalachian Basin. This strong position grants Morris Mountaineer the ability to aggressively negotiate favorable contracts not available to the average mineral owner. We tailor each contract to meet your specific needs, protect your property, and secure the most profitable terms. 


Our goal is to protect and grow the value of your property. We know that managing your mineral rights is a complicated and time-consuming process. Join us and receive clarity, security, and peace of mind. 


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Our Team

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Devin Franz.JPG
Devin Franz
Mark B. Van Kirk
Jill Spencer
Assistant CFO
Adam MMOG Website Picture.jpg
Adam Marshok
Ursula 2.jpg
Ursula Lalama
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Sarah Potter
Headshot-croppped (2).jpg
Corey Gillespie
Jamie Kelley (Photo).jpg
Jamie Kelly
Lydia Baldini
Shaylan Anderson
Tesla McCall
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