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gis mapping

With all of the information from the Asset report/Chain of title on the property, MMOG will use this to map your mineral tracts. Along with mapping the mineral tracts we can overlay a number of our expansive different data layers.

  • Most recent Aerial Imagery! (Some counties 2021!)

  • Oil & Gas

    • Verticals Wells​

    • Laterals Wells

    • Unit Boundaries - All Unit Boundaries 

    • Storage Fields

  • Mining

    • Permit Extents​

    • Coal Depth & Thickness

  • Fault Lines

  • Marcellus/Utica/Devonian Shale 

  • Pipelines

  • Counties, Districts, Tax Parcels

  • Roads, Streams 


We also know here at MMOG that the future is all about saving time with technology. With that in mind we can either create PDF paper copies of your Mineral Tracts or create your own personal WebMap to access anywhere anytime. This would give you automatic updates as well as link any documents you would like to your assets. (Asset Report, Division Order, Tax Documents) This would give you a unique visual and a great tool to have when negotiating. 


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